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Barack Obama - the new US President!

Barack Obama has finally taken over the reins as President of USA. It was an emotional swearing-in for many Americans and even non-Americans throughout the world. Barack's ascension as President marks a new begining in the history of USA. Even when 2 million people were infront of him, Barack Obama remained calm and composed throughout the swearing in ceremony and never showed any big emotion. This man is definitely brilliant.

During the innaugural speech as well he was very "blunt" to quote BBC in reminding the people of USA to the hard reality of global economic slowdown. He is such a terrific orator you just simply start loving him. I personally think his victory day speech in November was better than this first speech as the President of America, but we need to accept the fact that his responsibilities are different now and the situation has further worsened between November'08 and January'09.

I think he has genuine concern for the betterment of the lives of his countrymen as well as for the people other countries and I hope he lives upto the expectations he has created for himself. I was talking to one of my friends today and he brought out the point that he is definitely a great inspirational leader but whether he would be able to deliver is a big question mark. The problems before him are immense from financial crisis to wars and the whole world is watching this man deliver. I pray that he delivers on his promises and let his reign bring peace and happiness across the world.

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