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Advertisements in Hindi in Tamil FM Channels!!

Offlate, I have been hearing some Hindi advertisements in Tamil FM Channels in Chennai.  This is truly unbelievable!! Probably the advertiser is not concerned to know if it reaches the intended receipients of the advertisements.  My guess is that not more than 40% of the people know Hindi in Chennai.  I may be wrong but I dont think it is not much more than that.  More people know Telugu than Hindi, I would say.  By now you should have guessed who can do these kind of advertisements where the language barrier itself stops it from reaching to the masses.  It is none other than Oriental Bank of Commerce, a Public Sector Bank.  It is one of the well run PSU Bank and a highly profit making one.  It is their earnest belief that by radio advertisements they can expand their brand visibility and reach to people in South India.  I think they are missing it completely by going for a language which most of the population dont understand. 

As we all know, majority of my fellow Tamilians dont understand Hindi and even if they understand Hindi they find it extremely difficult to converse in Hindi.  But I can be rest assured that while following a Tamil FM radio you hardly expect an all Hindi advertisement in Chennai and the moment it comes you mentally switch off and start looking for "songs" in other channels.  Ordinarily the attention span of listeners for advertisements is very low in FM radio.  I talk from my personal experience because as soon as the ads start coming my hand automatically goes in the process of tuning the other radio channels.  Same with most of the people, I believe!!

But somebody who is authorising these advertisements within the Bank should really look for details like which cities are targeted, what should be language to be used, which radio stations are  going to be used etc.,  They have a common Hindi advertisement which they play across all FM radio stations in India.  One size fits all approach can't work here.  

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