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Titbits over the last week!!

Email from LK Advani:

Few days after I wrote about L K Advani and his efforts to reach to the internet population, I got an email from " L K Advani Communications" to view his site These guys are definitely trying their best to win this term otherwise LK Advani can never become a Prime Minister in his life. Lets see who becomes the Prime Minister next?

Pets on Hire in Japan:
In Japan the loneliness is killing people it seems. There are parlours which rent out pets like dogs, cats and rabbits for hours to the lonely man or woman. Though it sounds funny it seems business is picking up fast in the last few months due to depression caused by global economic recession.

Barack Obama takes oath the second time:
One of the widely covered news item in the last week. I saw the swearing in ceremony and I thought the oath has not been properly administered. The Chief Justice of US Supreme Court fumbled once and when he repeated correctly Barack Obama said it wrongly. Finally to avoid all sorts of confusion, Barack Obama got the oath administered in his Oval office for the second time in less than 24 hours!!


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