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BJP is trying to do Barack Obama!

Barack Obama acknowledged the role of internet and SMS messages which contributed immensely for his victory during the recent Presidential election.  Various internet forums were created to gather support for his candidature, personal emails are sent to voters and sms (text messages) were used extensively to reach out the voters.  

Similarly, BJP is trying to reach the hundreds of millions middle-class households through the internet in a big way for this year's 15th Lok Sabha elections.  Mr L K Advani has started his own website  He also writes a blog in his website.  The blog is relatively new and so far it has two posts dated 07 Jan and 09 Jan.    BJP party has its own website  Even Narendra Modi and VK Malhotra have their own websites.  I am sure as the date for the election comes closer, more and more sound would be heard this time on the virtual world in addition to the real world.  

I dont think Congress would be far behind in this respect.  With people like Rahul Gandhi and Jayaram Ramesh actively involved in campaigning, I am sure they would be having their own plans to reach out to the voters through internet and mobile phones.  

In addition to our regular spam messages like PAN card applications, want to become a LIC Agent, personal loans we will also get messages from our local candidates asking us to cast our valuable votes for him.  You may also receive a personal email asking for your support.  More SMS's and emails to read/delete!

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