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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish by Rashmi Bansal

Couple of weeks back I finished reading a book called Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish by Rashmi Bansal.  This is a book written by Rashmi Bansal on 25 successful entrepreneurs from IIM, Ahmedabad.The book has written by her after meeting these 25 people individually and talking to them over a cup of coffee or lunch.  So you get to see lot of direct quotes from the concerned person which adds a punch to the book.  Rashmi Bansal herself is an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus. 

The people who have been chronicled in this book have been successful businessman now but has undergone lot of trials and tribulations to achieve this status.   The list of people who have been covered in this book includes Sanjiv Bikchandani of Naukri, Raghavendra Rao of Orchid Pharma, Venkat of Give India, a NGO etc., The most interesting thing you get to know from these chronicled people are the fact that they all had a dream/plan, most of them disliked what they have been doing, diligently worked on it, overcame the obstacles and finally achieved what they wanted.  For few they are still not there yet, as per their own admission.  Getting an IIM Ahmedabad degree is only the begining and it usually requires lot of hardwork and perseverance to succeed in your chosen field.  

The other thing which comes out very clearly is that the Alumni network of IIM Ahmedabad is very strong and people thrive on it.  People help one another by doling out contracts or referring people which is very difficult to get otherwise.  If I look back, none of the institutions I have studied have an alumni network.  May the case with most of the institutions in India.  Rashmi Bansal also urges the young IIM graduates not to fall prey to the lure of big money selling soaps and perfumes but chase your dream if you have any.  

Overall, it was a good book for a breezy read but did the book provoke me to become an entrepreneur, the answer is no.  I felt that something is missing in the book which could really propel you to think/do differently.  May be, the intention was never there in the first place for the author! 


Adwait said...

What I felt missing was that I am not IIM Alumini and thus the basic requirement/criterea for me is not fulfilled !!

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Very true Adwait.. this IIM A group makes you feel that way!?