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Jagjit Singh's controversial comments on A R Rehman

Yesterday I was reading The Week magazine and I read a quote from Jagjit Singh which simply read as " A R Rehman knows nothing about Ghazals. Music Directors like him only knows to copy tunes from western music and use".

I dont know on what context it was used by Jagjit Singh but I feel it is a very poor comment from a legend on another legend. I dont know much about Jagjit Singh but I know about A R Rehman.

I can say all the films for which Rahman has scored music, the songs have been a big hit. This is for more than 100 films I am talking about. I dont know if there is any other music director in India or elsewhere in the world who has this matching record. I have enjoyed all the songs created by AR Rahman and I am totally impressed with the perfection in each and every song. He has won various awards ranging from Filmfare Awards to India's Best Music Director award. He has also contributed his might towards national integration by coming out with couple of albums of patriotic songs which were a rage. He is a people's music director and he understands the pulse of the ordinary man. People like Jagjit Singh shouldn't fall prey to mischevious news channels and refrain from making comments which are totally deragatory.

His recent Golden Globe award is real big achievement for Indian entertainment industry. I await the Oscar awards eagerly and I hope goes on to win the Oscars as well.

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Adwait said...

In what context that Jagjit Singh said what he supposedly said well anybody's guess !! A.R. Rehman has been unconventional and I have heard many traditionalist not liking his methodolgy of creating music. For example the tune comes first and then the voice is interspersed. At times a singer does not know who is he/she singing the duet with ?? Yet his music has been appreciated by public and some have praised the fact that he is unconventional.

Each has the right to comment and so long it is done in a peaceful manner and without much ado ! A civil society prospers with the diversity that it can sustain. Not long time back we had great school of thoughts such as Dwaita and Advaita co-exisiting and breathing down each other's neck !

Before I conclude, I am yet to understand why is it that we jump over the moon for Oscars or Globe or BAFTA !! How does winning that makes anyone superior to someone winning Filmfare award. The awards cater different sensibilities, societies and are influenced by political and social undertones. Working in an Offshoring Company, who can understand this better ?