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Book reading has gone for a toss

In the begining of this year, as well as during the last year, I was meticulous in reading books. But suddenly all the time I had has vanished and I could not complete even one book. I started this year by getting couple of books which I thought would be interesting like "Rules of Wealth" by Richard Templar, "Before you quit your job" by Robert Kiyosaki and wanted to complete it. But for a long time now, both these books are lying on my desk unread.

On top of it, I got a book called "Goal" written by Dr Eliyahu Goldratt from my colleague. I understand that this is one of the all time best books. I started reading this but could not find time to complete it. I am still struggling to complete these books. But by end of February I should complete all these 3 books. That is the objective for the month.

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Santosh said...

Venky why should you read these books? Is there an exam on these subjects in March? I dont like preparing a month before exam! Only if you read it a day before it works! So why read at all if there is no exam :-) Reading books?? Yack! :-) May be because I prefer Yahoo Messenger and SMS in mobiles better than balck and white pages :-) All the best for your preparations :-)