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Narayana Murthy declines Srilankan Government offer as IT Advisor

Couple of days back, Srilankan government offered Narayana Murthy the role of IT advisor to President of Sri Lanka. I was very surprised with the offer and more so on the timing of it. Srilanka is going through a big ethnic crisis at this moment involving ethnic Tamils which is causing lot of heartburns in Tamil Nadu. It is going to be big election issue in Tamilnadu in 2009. In this scenario I didnt expect any high profile position in the Srilankan Govt to be occupied by an Indian. Narayana Moorthy has rightly rejected the offer on personal grounds but I guess it is more to do with the threat his company would face if he accepts the offer. I believe what he has done is right in the current scenario.


Adwait said...

I am not a Tamilian and therefore will think san emotions. I will concur that it was wise of Mr. Murthy to have declined the offer. As a country we have to have some consistency in the way we approach an issue. We cannot have one approach to Kashmir and the other to Sri Lanka. We know the past and why LTTE came about. There are vested interest that the war continues. I also think that a seperation that LTTE is demanding is out of question as similar to our stand in Kashmir. The importance is to see a political resolution and both sides to come to a negotiating table, keep the commom man's interest as centre of their discussions and come to a resolution. The ;ocal population has paid a very heavy price for the senseless and what seems an endless war !

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Adwait,
I agree with you even though I am a Tamilian. Lankan Tamils have seen enough of war and the time should come for their peaceful existence. It should be a political settlement. Earlier the better.