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Stanford in trouble

Robert Allen Stanford, famous for his lifestyle and cricket sponsorship is in deep trouble with the US authorities following his firm's involvement in some financial irregularities. I know Stanford as a flamboyant guy with a penchant for good life, similar to our own Vijay Mallaya. He sponsored few months back a T20 match between West Indies and England circket team where the winning team players would get USD1 million each. That was too much of money for 3 hours of cricket. During the build up for that match, he threw a party for all the players from both sides where wine and women flowed freely. He was involved in a controversy when he had England's wicket keeper, Matt Prior's pregnant wife on his lap and got it photographed during the party.

For living a good(!!??) life like this, you require lot of money and it came through his financial services business. The point I am wondering is, is it possible for somebody to lead a life like this without some help from illgotten wealth and forgery. May not be possible. When I look at the lives of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, they dont live a life of excesses but live like normal human beings, in spite of their huge wealth. As the wealth grows, he need to become even more responsible. Particularly so, when you are dealing with other people's money.

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