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Project MIC successful!!

In 2007, I embarked on a project called MIC (Mail ID Culling) under which I intended to rationalise my email id's. The objective of this project was to bring down the number of mail id's to a manageable number. You can read my original post about it here. As with every project I know off, project MIC timelines also was extended time and again and finally it has been completed after 18 months, with a delay of 17 months!!

The funniest thing which happened during the 18 months of this project is that I would have created atleast some 15 new email id's with the idea of making it as the one single id of mine. I tried various permutations and combinations in creating the email id's like using the nick names etc., tried out various domains like yahoo, ymail, in and gmail in trying to create that all elusive id. Among my friends, there was a talk going on how maniac I have become in creating new email id's. I experiemented too much with the email id's and there were talks of outsourcing email id account opening functions to me as a separate BPO kind of work!! Actually I did open couple of accounts for my friends !!!!

Project MIC also had it share of difficulties. The original scope of the project doesnt envisage the various emails which were used by me for various sites like Orkut, Linkedin, Facebook, naukri, monster etc., Each of this resulted in the flow of mails to various id's and it was an herculean task to figure out what was used where. Multiple change requests were made to take care of this synchronisation and smooth interface. The scope of the project got expanded and I lost some interest in the interim.

Now I use predominantly Gmail and this blog has also been linked to that email id. So this id stays as my preferred personal email id. I have been using a yahoo id for many many years now so that would also continue for the sake of continuity. Rest of the email id's have been either left unattended or a mail forwarding program has been put for that account.

But all good projects have to come to an end and this project MIC has also ended for now!! I am left with two gmail ids and one yahoo id. It gives immense pleasure to see a project getting completed in the first place and that too successfully. I dont know how long I will be happy with my email id's!!??


Santosh said...

Amazing! I have heard of people eating tubelights, building playing cards castle and I myself have collected stamps & coins. But your's seems to be differently different one. You might call it as a project but I see it as another amazing hobby I heard about! I loveee it! Venky, try nominating yourself for AXN's Ripley's Believe it or not! :-)

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Santosh, ]
Thanks for the visit.

I think I should!!