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Positive feedback on the "Tips for better life"

When I posted the 37 items of do's and dont's from Isha Yoga for better living,  little did I realise that there would be lot of positive feedback on this post.  Over the last couple of days, I have received very positive feedback from people who have seen it on the blog or who have received it from me on their mail.  When you look at closely, you realise that those are simple rules which are very easy to follow and at the same time can have a meaningful impact on your life.  

Take the case of this point " Sleep for 7 hours" rule.  Though it looks very simple and you ridicule the person telling you with some comments like " remember, you are talking to the brother of Kumbakarnan?", kind of statements.  But I have personal experience to narrate on not able to sleep for 7 hours.  I have faced situations where I could not sleep continuously for even 5 hours.  This happened because of staggered work hours and work related tension.  With lack of sleep, you end up developing lot of stress and fatigue as a result of this.  

The second one is "drink plenty of water".  Again easier said than done.  But beleive me, it can make a tremendous difference to your physical health.  I have followed for some time the early morning water therapy where you drink 1 litre of water in a empty stomach.  It helps you to come out of constipation related troubles, acidity and it is claimed that it can have a positive impact on cholestrol levels.  

What I have decided now is that I going to print it and laminate it if possible and put it on my home and office.  These kind of messages need constant re-inforcement so it should be in a place where you keep looking at it often.  Over a period of time, these simple rules get incorporated into your lifestyle and you enjoy more peaceful inner-self, which is the true wealth.. 

Do you have stories to tell or comments on any of the other points listed?  Please share it here so that everybody gets benefited.  


Adwait said...

Another tip...from adwaitacharya "don't smoke after a game of basketball !!" simple, easy to implement and great effects !! : ))

Thendral said...

Dear Venkat,

I just want to let you know that this list was not created by Isha Yoga, Isha Foundation or Sadhguru. Neither does the content represent the teachings of Isha Yoga or Sadhguru in any way. Somehow, credits/references to Isha Yoga and Sadhguru (and sometimes even Sadhguru's photo) have been added to this list over the past year or so, even though there is actually no relation whatsoever. We would like to request that you remove any credits/references to Isha Yoga, Isha Foundation or Sadhguru so that misunderstandings in this regard can be avoided.

Warm Regards,
Isha Yoga Volunteer

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Dear Thendral,
If you say that these principles cant be attributed to Isha Yoga, I dont have any problem removing the reference to Isha Yoga. When I got this message as a forward, it was mentioned as Isha Yoga teachings. I also didnt check on the authenticity but the intention was pure and usefulness of these points cant be disputed.
FYI, I am a true admirer of Sadhguru's writings and one day would like to associate with Isha foundation.
Hope this clarifies.