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Little known candidates

I wait for the next day after the elections results as eagerly as the results day, if not more.  The reason being that,  I am curious to find out how few of the candidates, I follow personally,  have performed with regard to number of votes polled.  On the results day, they dont get the spotlight as nobody talks about these also-rans, but who make a big diffeence to the overall result of the constituencies they contest in.  You may not get to know how many votes polled by them immediately,  so I have to wait for the day next to find out more.  

These candidates,  I know,  would not win the election,  but can surely make an impact.  In this election as well, I had a list of 10 candidates and I was closely following on.  The list of candidates and the number of votes polled by them are as below:

1.  E Sarathbabu (IIM Graduate, who studied thanks to his mother, who sold idlis at Madipakkam)  - Chennai South - 14101 votes

2.  Traffic Ramasamy (social rights activist, who has fought against the TNagar  businessmen sharks against illegal construction) - Chennai South - 1693 votes

3.  L Ganesan (TN State President) - BJP - Chennai South - 42600 votes

4.  S Thirunavukarasar (former Union Minister and who has a big vote bank in his native place Aranthangi, which falls under Ramanathapuram constituency) - BJP - Ramanathapuram - 112000 votes

5.  Sivakami (former IAS officer, Tuticorin Collector, joined BSP just before the elections) - BSP - Kanyakumari - 6700 votes

6.  Dr K Krishnaswamy (a Dalit Leader with significant influence in southern districts of TN) - Puthiya Thamizhagam - Tenkasi - 110000 votes

7.  Tamilisai Soundararajan (daughter of Kumari Anandan, former TN Congress President, daughter is in BJP) - BJP - Chennai North - 23000 votes

8.  Meera Sanyal (Country Executive of ABN AMRO India, who took sabbatical for 2 months to contest the elections) - Independent - Mumbai South - 10177 votes

9.  L K Suthish - (Brother in Law of Vijayakant) - DMDK - Kallakurichi - 135000 votes

10.  Pandiarajan - (Founder of MaFoi, who joined DMDK from BJP and spent considerable amount of money) - DMDK - Virudhunagar - 125000 votes 

I think DMDK candidates and S Thirunavukarasar made a big difference this time.  A big let down was L Ganesan and Tamilisai S.    Though I didnt expect L Ganesan to make a dent, I did expect Tamilisai to make a big impact.  She has got only 23000 votes.  I expected more.  She spent the last 45 days travelling to the nook and corner of the constituency.  She is a native of the constituency and practises medicine in North Chennai.  It was very surprising to see DMK retain North Chennai when there was widespread criticism of the DMK former MP Kuppusamy.  
Sivakami couldn't make any impact in Kanyakumari where BJP pushed the ADMK combine to the third place.  Pon Radhakrishnan of BJP got more than 250000 votes, a phenomenal achievement considering the fact that the ADMK combine candidate, Bellarmin could score only 86000 votes.  



PANDIARAJAN (MAFOI) DID VERY WELL, BECAUSE OF HIM ONLY VAIKO LOST.SOUTH CHENNAI WAS WON BY RAJENDARAN (AIADMK) WHOM I VOTED for .L GANESAN HAD NO CHANCE ,MAY BE HE WOULD HAVE GOT BRAHMIN VOTES .i always know e sarathbabu will loose as its too early and very risky( waste of time) to stand for election as independent
FOR ME big disappoinment in term of votes is sivakami, whom i thought would get more than 1 lakh votes

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Senthil,
I agree Sivakami is a big let down.. 6700 votes is no big deal. Even many independents have managed to get that..

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