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2009 Election Results

I should admit that the 2009 election results are disappointing for me.  I was hoping for a NDA win nationally and Amma's return to glory in Tamilnadu.  But both the things didnt happen.  As per the last count,  UPA was leading NDA by more than 90 seats and DMK combine was leading ADMK combine by more than 10 seats. 

I was also one of the people who got carried away by the media hype (entha pasangala adikkanum!!) that there is a big anti-incumbency wave in Tamilnadu due to dynasty politics in DMK, poor governance and electricity crisis.  But none of these things mattered to the esteemed voters and they have given a mandate ignoring all these things.  Eelam was a big issue which Jayalalitha raked up but didnt give her votes.  Thanks to Periyar,  my fellow Tamilians have become very rational.. who cares, what goes if Tamilians are killed in Srilanka? I dont bother and I have to worry about my next meal,  and that, thanks to Karunanidhi's Re.1 kg rice has been taken care.  

So Eelam may take a back seat with UPA retaining power.  Karunanidhi would be happy holding all party conferences in Chennai for ending war in Srilanka.  I personally believe that DMK doesnt deserve a win for their governance in the last 3 years. 

So what next?  Alagiri becomes a Honourable Union Minister of Shipping, Road and Surface Transport.   Karunanidhi would continue for couple of months before he hands over the reins to Stalin in Tamilnadu.  Happy father that he would have settled his sons in good position and he would lead a happy retired life!!!

Vazhga Jananayakam!! Jai Hind!!!


Anand said...

Disappointing results !

In TN, I believe Vijayganth would have split the votes. If not him, AIADMK would have been close on the race.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Yes Anand, Vijayakant has split the votes.. But that was the strategy adopted by DMK.. they didnt want him to support either DMK or ADMK.. so they approached him through Congress and it was rumoured that he got Rs50crores to put up candidates on all the seats.. I think we should give it to Karunanidhi for his political acumen in pushing Vijayakant to fight separately ruining Amma's chances!!!