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Pasanga - a film by Pandiraj

Last weekend was at Sathyam Cinemas to watch the latest sensation in the Tamil film circuit, Pasanga.  I was tempted to watch this film thanks to Ananda Vikatan magazine which gave 50 marks for this film.  AV giving 50 marks for a film deserves to be seen, people with an idea of AV's strict scoring guidelines would understand.  I dont think more than 50-60 films ever would have got more than 50 marks from Ananda Vikatan.  Ok, no more advertisement for Ananda Vikatan.  

So got down to business and booked the tickets with Sathyam.  I have to admit that I am truly impressed with Sathyam Cinemas.  They are really world-class in hospitality, infrastructure and parking facilities.  I can't crib about anything when you have the ticket collector saying,  have a good time, Sir before handing me back the tickets.  I dont get this anywhere in India, be rest assured. 

Ok, coming back to the film, Pasanga is a movie full of children.  Its not a kids' movie where there is fantasy and magic but a story woven around children.  It is very realistic and humane.  The story is set in a small town backdrop, and the two lead actors, Jeeva Nithyanandam and Anbukarasu are students who are studying in class 6 in a Government High School.  The director, Pandiraj (debutant), brings along other relatives and friends of these two students to form an interesting cocktail of emotion, love and friendship.  All the actors have done wonderfully well and my special appreciation goes to the person who has played the character of a school teacher as well the father of Jeeva Nithyanandam.   I think this man would get this year's "Best Supporting Actor" award.  Take it from me, guys!!

The director has shown is mettle in screenplay, dialogue and comedy.   The interesting thing being, the usage of Madurai dialect in dialogues.  For a pure city bred guy, few lines may be going over his head.. very colloquial language, which adds more authenticity to the film.  Believe me, I myself could not follow few lines.  Everything falls in place and has been neatly stitched together. 

Couple of things the director could have done better. One is the climax, which I felt was taking too long a time.  I think the Editor slept off.   Second one being,  Music (James Vasanthan).  Songs could have been better,  as after 5 days when I write this post, I cant remember even one line or tune of any song.  May be, I didnt listen to it properly.  

Do you know, who has produced this movie?  It is produced by none other than 2008 sensation, Director Sasikumar of Subramaniapuram fame.  Sasikumar has turned producer with this movie.

I really enjoyed watching this movie and I am sure you would,  if you like to see movies which are closer to real life.    Pasanga - pattaya kalapparanga!!!!

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