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Really Fishy!!

I was scanning through the Sunday Hindu Supplementary which carries the Matrimonial advertisements. I came across the following advertisement, which caught my curiousity.

"PGT IYER S'shnam Kettai 44/167 CSIR Delhi GZT Officer never married well settled. Ph 0xxxxxxxxxx/"

I dont know why this advertiser has given an email address which sounds little different! Already this man is 44 years and looking out for a bride and carries a advertisement which has an email as funny as this, I really wish him good luck in this endeavour!!


adwait said...

Hi Venkat, it amuses me what you were doing with the matrimonial column ?? That to me is indeed really fishy !!

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Adwait,
Reading Matrimonial column on a lazy sunday afternoon after 3 rounds of veg. pulav is a pleasure.. It actually started with my sister's marriage and it continues still.. I enjoy reading it though I never needed one to find my match!!

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