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Ten Commandments for prevention of diabetes

Diabetes is a silent killer and is believed to be spreading like pandemic in developing countries like India. It has several implications for the health care system in the developing countries because this condition is associated with metabolic and vascular complications which increases the mortality and health care costs. It is therefore important to aim for primary prevention of diabetes particularly in countries like India, where there is high prevelance.

Thanks to Dr Vijay Viswanathan, MV Hospital for Diabetes, Royapuram, Chennai for these commandments:

1. Adopt "Eat less and walk more" principle.
2. Aim for ideal body weight.
3. Minimize sugars and sweets.
4. Avoid food rich in fats and oils.
5. Eat plenty of vegetables greens, grains and fruits.
6. Those with sedantary jobs can include at least 30-45 minutes of exercise daily.
7. Minimize TV watching and spend leisure time in activities like gardening or exercise.
8. Check your blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels if you are in the high risk group regularly.
9. Practice yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques for stress control.
10. Those at risk must be more cautious and aim for healthy habits to prevent diabetes.

(Reproduced from an article which appeared in The Hindu, dt 01 July 2009)

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adwait said...

These are commandments which are well said and less followed !!