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Over-dose of real estate

Yesterday we were in Perungudi attending a family function and on the way back driving, as usual, I started talking about the real estate in Perungudi. The discussion progressed for some 5 minutes or so when suddenly my wife stopped and said that I am talking/thinking too much about real estate and instead should just stop thinking about it. Rather spend time enjoying these social gatherings.

On self-introspection, I found that what my wife said was right. And in the last few weeks I have spent considerable amount of time researching about real estate deals on the net, paper and through all different sources in different places in Chennai and Coimbatore.

I realise there are other pressing things to complete and so I am going to be away from it for sometime. Except for the weekly dose of Property Plus on Saturdays!!

1 comment:

adwait said...

Your wife is tight !!It is not real estate but " your real state of mind !" Only way to get out of it is when you personally feel you have had enough of it or you find things that brings you more joy/satisfaction ! You are the master of your life !!