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I felt guilty!

Last week I was travelling by MTC bus to Vadapalani and the ticket cost was Rs2.50. I gave a Rs10 note on boarding the almost empty bus but the conductor asked for a change. I scrounged my wallet and took two 2rs. coins and gave it to him. He returned one of the two 2 rs. coin and a ticket for Rs2.50.

I didnt speak to him anything and accepted the windfall 50 ps with glee. There were instances during the 15 minute journey to give back the balance to the conductor but something stopped me from doing that. I really wanted to give the other Rs2 coin to him as well and ask for whatever change he has but I didnt do. I wanted to take revenge for the all the 50 ps I have been denied by various other conductors.

Finally Vadapalani came and I got down even without saying a small thank you. But a sense of guilt still is left in me. The amount may be small but I should not have enjoyed a 50 ps benefit which I am not due for.

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