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Nothing sells like cinema, I guess!!

Immediately after I wrote about the Mohini-Bharath wedding video telecast, this blog site received tremendous response never seen before. There were 70 odd visitors over 2 days the highest I guess in the history of this blog. I am really curious to know:

Is there so many people searching about Mohini - Bharath wedding status on the web?

If, yes for an actor of Mohini's stature, imagine how many people would be searching about Rajni, Kamal, Ajith, Vijay, Nayanthara, Trisha etc., Can't believe that so many people search for even these minute details about the cinema stars? Have you done that before? I dont remember searching the web for any cinema star related information. No doubt why Katrina Kaif is most searched phrase on the google.

I also read that in Orkut the group "Tamil Cinema" has more followers than anyother cinema related group on the orkut. It has beaten Bollywood and Tollywood in this regard. Actually it shows the kind of penetration the internet has made in the lives of Tamils. No doubt people search for Mohini!!


Anand said...

Its been a while since your last post.

Suprising to see your visitor stats increasing dramatically based on one post !

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Anand,
True.. I was also surprised!

adwait said...

I am not surprised as TN has seen for past two decades and more dominance by film personalities....and I guess will continue to do so in future with Captain, the barrel, the Shotgun and what you have !! What more, the viral is spreading nationally !! Nothing wrong in it ! what one deserves, one gets, in other worfd yatha raja tatha praja !!