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Kerala Government - is there someone awake?

We all know that Jet Airways is having a tough time managing their Pilots strike for the last 6 days or so. Almost 90% of the flights are cancelled on a daily basis and we truly know what kind of bad public opinion Jet Airways has earned over the last week or so.

That does not deter our "God's own country" tourism department to launch full page advertisements jointly with Jet Airways. Kerala Tourism has an agreement with Jet Airways and they have launched a joint programme. There is a website as well The last 3 days or so, I am seeing full page advertisements from Kerala Tourism about their association with Jet Airways.

I am at a loss to understand how Kerala Tourism can be ignorant of the ground situation and goes about giving full advertisement about this offer. There should be somebody responsible in the Kerala Government who should be watching the current happenings in the aviation industry in India and re-schedule the advertising blitzkrieg. If they think it is a good time to advertise along with Jet Airways, then only God can save!!!

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adwait said...

It is God's own country and therefore you are right when you write that "....only God can save !!!"