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Met my classmate after a lon..........g time!!

Yesterday I met my tenth standard classmate after a long long time, while he was waiting for his company bus. The moment I saw him, I could immediately place him, my hard-disk pulled out his name and other details. So I walked up to him and called out his name and shook hands with the bewildered classmate. He would have wondered who the guy on earth so excited at 8 20 in the morning. My friend struggled for few seconds then tried to place me with a software company, I guess he worked before. But I didnt want to prolong the agony of my classmate and introduced myself that I and he studied together from 6th to 10th standard. I guess he couldn't still place me exactly. But that doesnt matter as this is not the first time it happens.

We have exchanged email and phone numbers and now I could establish contact with 4 of them. Another 60 odd to go!!!


suresh said...

Truly nostalgic going back to the school days.Those were the best times in your life.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Suresh,
Agreed.. no doubts on that.