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Sasikumar of Nadodigal has to grow up as an actor!

I saw Nadodigal film on Saturday and it is a decent movie. The story line picked up by the Director Samuthirakani is little different so it makes it interesting. The movie has been declared a hit and it is running successfully for the last 55 days or so. Sasikumar the hero of the film has hit a hat-trick of success with Subramaniapuram (not seen completely), Pasanga (seen) and Nadodigal (seen).

I watched it without any expectations and as usual the film has many interesting characters. The beauty of Sasikumar film is that even small characters have good scope and importance. Music by Sundar C Babu is of ok type. One song "sambho siva sambho" is big hit but others you dont remember after the movie.

Honestly I am not impressed with the acting abilities of Sasikumar. Though the film may be successful, a lot needs to be improved by him. The body language is missing completely and can emote little more. I dont know if he is deliberately trying to underplay the characters, but I think as an actor he has to grow a lot. I think he may be a good Director who can think of story lines differently but like fellow director-actors like Cheran, Sasikumar also needs to improve his acting skills.


Anonymous said...

The very first dialogue of sasikumar about the significance of history reminds me of 80s visu's dialogue delivery. He has very tight stereotyped dialogue delivery and should be adaptive to character.

I had great expectations for the movie but the climax buzzed off very silently . I agree the climax fits the movie but then the pace of the climax looked like a typical vijayakanth delivery climax uttering 3 pages of script.Sasikumar should remember that eventhough he was the harbinger of the 80s cult movies many copycats have come since the release of subramaniapuram and he should hunt for good stories which preferably would not be set in the tier 2 cities . We had enough movies with tier 2 and tier 3 cities as background and idiotic movies like kandasamy. Need a break.

I dont wish Sasikumar to become a sterotyped visu or bhagyaraj


Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Arun,
Its a good point you have brought out that he is focussing on semi-urban subjects. Time to move to sauve, urban movie, which is next in the pipeline from Sasikumar.

He seems to be talented guy so lets wait for some more time.