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New name for KK Nagar!!

Do you know the new name of K K Nagar? It is "Kundru Kuzhi" Nagar. I am not still in Delhi so I will continue to use the "zh" in my writing!

So much of damage has been done to the roads of K K Nagar in the last 15 days, it has become a nightmare to drive. Chennai Metrowater dug exactly at the middle of the road for the entire stretch of Anna Main Road for close to 1.5 kms. After they completed the work, they didn't close it properly with concrete or tar, but with just with the rubble. And now that portion has started caving in resulting in the usage of only one half of the road.. thanks to the recent rains, the rubble has become muddy and slushy, making it a nasty place.

The "kolai veri" of Chennai metrowater is still not over so they have no taken over a new road which has not been dug in the last 1 year or so. I have been commuting through KK Nagar area for the last 8 years or so and I see one side of Anna Main Road always dug up for Chennai Metrowater work. No exaggeration here!!! I can imagine if the project goes on for 6 months to a year, but this Chennai Metrowater is going on for now 8 years!!

I also admire the people of this locality. I have not seen any kind of demonstration or protest by them. Probably they did few years back but they have also lost interest in this.

Long live Chennai Metrowater!!

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