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Tales you come to know

Last saturday, I was driving my Scooty back home from T Nagar, a 60 year old looking man, decently dressed, asked for lift and I readily obliged. The first 5 minutes of the drive went off without any dialogue. The moment I stopped for a traffic signal, as expected, the passenger started the conversation on civic woes and the crying nead for a flyover at Vadapalani. In the next 5-7 minutes of the ride, he told me the following things :
  • His name is PMR Reddy, a film producer and director!! (then why he is asking for a lift, that too, in a two-wheeler)
  • He was the student of Film Institute along with Rajnikanth (!!??)
  • He acted in one film as a hero but didnt succeed
  • He worked in American Embassy
  • His son and nephews are all based in USA
  • One of his nephews died in a road accident few years back on the Chetpet bridge
  • Barack Obama was supported by all the Indians but he is not supporting outsourcing to India
  • 20000 H1B visas lapsed this year without any takers
  • His wife runs a school at Chinmaya Nagar and provides free education to 50 students
  • He is currently planning a film on Buddha, his dream of 30 years
  • Buddha came in his dream many years ago
  • His son's name is Gautam and his production company is Gautam Films
  • He is a cousin of the former Andhra CM Y S Rajasekhara Reddy. Due to his untimely death, his film shooting is getting delayed
By this point we have reached Saligramam and wished him all the best with his film production. Left wondering how people disclose so much of information to a stranger. I didnt prod him but he kept talking.


Anand said...

No posts for a week or so !! wht happened ? Too busy !

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Anand,

Yeah.. sometimes you dont feel like writing anything.. you just get submerged in your thoughts.. there were many things but didnt write..