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Diwali and sweets!

Diwali is behind us now by more than 10 days but still the sweets from Diwali is freely available at home. It tempts you very much and I have literally gone on a binge eating these Diwali sweets for the last 2 weeks. In my young age, I was very fond of sweets and still carry the notorious reputation of "stealing and eating sweets" at home. Even now, whenever I meet my aunts or uncles, they enquire about my love for sweets. My Grandma always had a soft corner for me and used to go to her when she distributes the sweets for one more round of helping and she always obliged. I used to talk nicely to my siblings and lure them to give me a share from theirs. That was the level of craziness I had for sweets.

But over the last few years, the urge to eat sweets have been diminishing, thanks to strict restrictions at home and realisation that it is not good. I have been denying myself much of sweets for the last 3 years or so but this year I have gone out all the way eating sweets.

My resolution on sweets have gone for a toss and on a daily basis I am either eating an Athirasam or laddu or badushah(!). So much of sweets.. added to that is "mixture" for "rasam" sadam. True it tastes divine when you eat but you have to really sweat it out in the gym, else you had it.

Oh God, please get these Diwali sweets completed fast..


Anonymous said...

I was trying to find a post about the indpendent house near pondicherry that was posted an ywar back (I guess) and happened to browse through your old posts. Two posts were interesting-one about the appreciation of your 2BHK flat in valasaravakkam or virgumbakkam and another is " what I learnt" from "My hit and Miss". Do you really think those two posts still holds good in the current real estate market.


Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Arun,

The general principle I have written should hold good. No doubt land appreciates much better than an flat.
May be, the growth of 20% year on year appreciation may not happen in real estate for some time.
The other point is that you should buy a property which is already richly valued.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Arun,

In my above comment, please read the last line as "not already richly valued".

Anonymous said...

From your current observation , whats your feel about buying a land in ecr stretch on the beach side until pondy after crocodile bank or buying land in "GREATER OMR" for a price of 10-20 lacs.Appreciate your recommendations and suggestions

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

When you talk of Rs10-20 lacs, what is the per sq ft price you are looking at?
Secondly, what is the purpose of this? Investment or own occupation at a later date? I think the usage is also important in determining this.

Would suggest that you look at other options like Tambaram suburbs on GST Road (trigger - 400 ft Outer Ring Road from Vandalur to Minjur), places in North Chennai like Tirunindravur and its suburbs, Periapalayam and even Gummudipondi etc. (trigger - same outer ring road as well as the SEZ in TADA, which is closer to Gmupondi)and may be OMR itself (beyond kelambakkam towards Mahabalipuram)
Drop me a line to my email and I can suggest a few.

vijayaruna said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

Diwali Sweets to Chennai

Venkysdiary said...

@vijayaruna: thanks for your visit and comment. You have brought this post to my attention after exactly 3 years today! Thanks for that!