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When the taps ran dry...

Luckily, I never faced water shortage ever since I came to Chennai. But this time our flat taps went dry yesterday. All of a sudden you find no water and you are caught unawares of how to carry on with the daily chores.

The eating plates could not be washed, clothes were getting accumulated and my quota of water to have a bath reduced a measly single bucket. I am not used to all these things. There was a frantic effort from my flat neighbours and in all earnest the investigation started. It turned out that the borewell has almost gone dry, thanks to the delayed monsoon and the underground spring is not that productive. You have to run the pump for long periods of time with little or no success. When there is water shortage, the association office bearers have a tough time managing the expectations of the whole community. Different voices and instructions to the poor watchman who manages the water supply. One person wants water at a particular time and another at a different time. Trouble is brewing in our flat and this month's meeting would be an interesting (!!) one.

Water was made available for an hour in the morning and evening. Sounds too typical of Chennai, which I dread. Overnight, our lives have changed. Buckets and big containers were taken out to store water and ration has been introduced in every form of water usage. I realised that I can still have a bath in one single bucket, wash my face in a cup of water and shave in even lesser quantity.

For the last two days it has rained in Chennai and I hope the water table improves in my flat.


Saraswathan said...

Despite the copious downpour in Chennai during every monsoon, I wonder where all the water disappear. Perhaps you should seriously practice rain water harvesting and hope to improve your underground stream of the borewells

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Dear Saraswathan,
Rain water harvesting is mandatory in Chennai. Thanks to that, the water levels have improved over the last 5 years. But the depletion of the water table for the last 25 years cant be set right in the last 5 years. Guess it needs more time.