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Move on Ambani's

Ambani's are no match to our "man" when it comes to annual earnings. Mukesh Ambani earns around 30 crores every year, which translates into a tiny 8.2 lacs a day. But our "man" makes nearly Rs2.7 crores every day.. he is miles ahead of the top corporate honcho...

All big corporates are having problems with regard to creation of SEZ's.. but our "man" is buying out one for 4800 crores..

You and me are forced to fill tens of forms before remitting some money abroad.. our "man" moves millions out of the country so easily..

Normally Blood Pressure and Kidney ailments affects elderly, but at 38 this person as all these things to be admitted to ICU!

It takes decades for somebody to earn this kind of wealth, our "man" makes it in 2 years...

I am happy to introduce you to Mr Madhu Koda, former CM of Jharkand.. The amounts mentioned in the reports are staggering. If it is true, then he has made a killing in his 2 years as CM of Jharkand. Fingers are now being pointed against various political bosses and parties and I also think a fraud of this mammoth proportion would not have been possible without the help and connivance of other political parties..

If one politician who was in power for 2 years can swindle so much of money from a god forsaken state, except for its rich mineral resources, imagine politicians who are there for more than 50 years doing "public service". Madhu Koda is such an amateur in this art, he has done all these things and get caught by the ED/IT etc within 1 year of out of power. He has a long way to go in learning the tricks of the trade.

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