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Rambha Trithiya - a new auspicious day to buy gold!!

Have you ever heard about this festival before? I have not. But it is being promoted by World Gold Council starting this year in a big way. Another day to push the sales of gold. Playing on the religious weakness of us. Akshaya Trithiya was just another day 10 years ago and now you have special traffic arrangements made on that day in T Nagar. That is the power of promotion of World Gold Council.

With the gold prices sky-rocketing beyond common man's reach, the WGC is finding new ways to promote it. Check out yesterday's WGC's The Hindu for a full page advertisement on Rambha Tirithiya, co-sponsored by the usual accomplices GRT, LKS and others of T Nagar gold retailing community.


Tamil Home Recipes said...

Good idea.

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