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Learnt anger could be managed!!

Today morning I had a brief interaction with a motor-bike rider over the issue of usage of horn in an residential area. As I was driving to office through a narrow residential road with a turn ahead, the impatient motor-bike rider behind me started blowing the horn. I was getting furious and turned back and told him not to horn. After the turn the bike rider slowed down to talk (or rather, fight!) to me. I knew that he is not to going to like my advice of asking him not to use horn and the usual exchange started.

Normally, I blow my top off in these type of cases, but I was determined not to let that happen today. No point in increasing my Blood Pressure for things which you cant influence or change fully. Whatever may be, I told myself, that I am going to remain cool and try to make the motorbike rider see my logic. He started off with why he should not blow horn and I told him politely but very sternly that it is a residential area, a narrow road, a turn ahead and there is no need to use air horns. He was insisting where it has been mentioned "no horn" area, I was again polite but this time with a much more tougher face said that it need not be written anywhere but he should know this.

I was really able to hold on to my anger without blowing it off. As I was talking to him, I was thinking of how I am controlling my anger. Feeling little proud!! After these two short exchange of words, though visibly unhappy, the guy rode ahead but without able to win the argument with me. I felt really relieved and happy that I am able to control my anger better today. Once you get angry, particularly on the way to the office, the day often tends to be a very difficult one.


Anonymous said...

Thats a good one and congrats for the good deed. There is a say that "people will change only when they want to and people cannot be made to change".

In recent times in India , I see that cab drivers and auto drivers are adopting the policy of not blowing horns everytime. It will take sometime may be few generations before we could have zero noise pollution in our country and we are getting there.
Being a parent teaches us to be more patient .LOL.Isn't that very true.

Otherwise you can start uttering the following lyrics

naa adicha thaana maatai
naalu maasam thoona maatai
ozhubga veeedu poi sera maatai (LOL)

Anonymous said...

Hi Venky,

Eagerly waiting for Asal film review.