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A problem cutting across age!!!

I was all along thinking that remembering passwords is normally a pain associated with people who are working. Normally a person working with computers would need to remember his/her passwords for LAN, applications being used, online banking, trading, websites, social sites etc., which can be really nerve-wrecking. In one of the departments in my office, a team handles 55 applications and the guys working in that department needs to remember 55 different passwords. Poor souls!!

The worst thing about these passwords are they are up for change so often that you run out of ideas. Online banking passwords are to be changed once in 3 months but the online trading passwords are to be changed once in 15 days. Really running out of passwords!!

But I thought 7 year olds would not be normally bothered about passwords in their lives. But it doesn't seems to be the case. My son came across yesterday and lamented about the need to remember passwords. I was curious to know where and how he is using the passwords. He went on to explain that he has to remember passwords for Grand Theft Auto, Spiderman and many other animation games. It turned out later that they are not passwords but commands to get various animation/special effect tools in these animated games. But for him these are passwords. I agree with him. He has to remember which command for what game.

If I have to pray now, I would ask God, give me a world without passwords!! He would say, bio-metrics is on the way!!


Anand said...

It becomes much more difficult as diff systems have diff rules for passwords.

For security reasons, its not safe to have the same password as you are more exposed if someone hacks your password.
Biometric is defn the way forward!

Gopi A said...

You should try out free software that manage your password database..Pretty good stuff..
I've been using KeePass Safe for the last two years. Its free and opensource.

Gopi A said...

@Anand: Going by the way people take parts of other people (in movies!) to get past biometric security, I'd have to say that I like traditional passwords better. :D

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@ Gopi A:
Will try out this site.. not a geek myself..can you pls tell how safe it is to store passwords there? Would appreciate your thoughts?

Adwait said...

Biometric is on its way and I am sure we will have cloning of thumb, retina etc too becoming a threat !!

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