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Weekend sleeping!!

After a very very long time, this weekend I slept like a log in the afternoons... 3 hours at a stretch.. each day. Guess the fatigue took over me...

We have been playing basketball regularly on Saturdays and the game takes away all your energy.. you naturally feel like sleeping.. but in the last many weeks, I didn't do that. The last two days I have a found a small eatery at Alwarthirunagar, Hotel Annapurna and I ensured that I take good breakfast after the game. I think that is playing the trick. On the way back home, I had a hearty breakfast both days. When my stomach is full, I tend to sleep.

After the afternoon sleep, you feel completely relaxed, both mind and body. It is very difficult to get up and go out or do something, but once in a while sleeping like this helps! My body needs it!!