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Vettaikaran - Buddhi kammi!!

Vettaikaran, the latest Vijay's film to hit the screens in the last week or so. I saw the film at the newly renovated Kamala Theatre, Vadapalani with my son, a die-hard Vijay fan!

The film is no different from the variety of masala films seen in the last many years... the central theme or the message (!!) the director wants to convey through this powerful movie is that in everybody a Policeman or woman should be there to fight the attrocities happening in the society. What a new and refreshing theme??

Vijay looks better in this movie compared to the previous ones.. he has put on little weight.. As usual he comes up trumps in dancing but the heroine dances like an amateur.. After all the hype, Anoushka turns out to be a damp-squib. She can neither act nor speak proper dialogues.. a big let down. No match to Jyothika's and Simran's..There is no separate comedy track or a comedian except for Sathyan as the hero's friend.. He appears in few scenes and dis-appears.. Vijay has taken upon himself to bring the laughter to the audience (no pun intended).

I am appalled by the Director's choice for the villains in this movies.. yes, there are more than 1 villain.. Its a pity that they cant find a person who can speak Tamil.

The songs have become a hit and I think couple of them are really good. Vijay Antony, the music director moves from the fringes to score music for a big star movie. Though the songs range from good to decent, the background score is not so great. It was loud almost all the time..

I think the biggest problem in this movie is that they have not worried about editing.. I wonder if they even had an editor for this movie. The climax goes on and on with one villain after another being slayed. You really look forward when the film would end. At last the final villain gets killed and you believe that the film is over. Thats not the case.. Our hero comes back and lectures for another 2-3 minutes about the message the film carries.

Overall, a film which you can give it a miss unless you are a fan of Vijay and wants to have tick-mark against all his films. Its high time, Vijay really thinks about what kind of films he is going to act. It is a known fact that he is not a great actor but atleast he should try out stories which are little different and contemporary. The charm of watching a masala movie is no longer there. The industry and the audience have also moved away from these masala cinema, evident from the fact that small budget films and films with an entirely storyline are the most successful ones in 2009.

Thanks to Sun Pictures, which is the distributor of the movie, and its media might, Vettaikaran will get the desired publicity it desperately needs to survive. But the Sun Network should desist from showing it as a top movie in their weekly review of movies. Dont know if they have already done that this Sunday. Read the heading again, in Sun TV style!!!!!

PS: Though I think there isn't much to write home about the film, my son enjoyed it very much. He would turn around and ask me to whistle when an interesting scene comes up. He continues to ask me doubts of when, what and why of various things Vijay did in the movie.. Growing in the truest of Tamil tradition!! Long live Tamil Cinema!

PPS: Kamala Theatre charges Rs15 for bike parking. This is attrocious.


Anonymous said...

People crib abt Vijay's choice of movies. But if we analyze , he is doing what MGR did to attract the so called mass audience. During MGR'S genre , MGR pulled audience with the socialist messages as the majority of the audience were on or below the poverty line . In today's world , Instead of hard core socialist messages , vijay is selecting stories which will appeal to rural and sub urban people.

I am not a fan of vijay and I don't like vijay but he is paving his foundation to enter politics (I think it will be congress).

On another side , vijay does what Rajini did and is doing . One man show. Vijay does comedy tracks there by no cost for hiring comedy actors and get lions share into your pocket.No high paid character roles or actress and coupled with gorilla marketing by Sun pictures , the ROI is guaranteed .

The film industry is a true vicuous circle. What comes may go and what may go will come And in south indian film industry , whoa its overwhelmingly true.


adwait said...

The vilian has to be a non tamilian !! : )) The heroines have to be from North ! The hero has to be a future politician material..cinema is truly on a national integration and chief minister producing factory ! Who cares for the content ! whistle and say 'parva ille' and move on !

P.S. Rs. 15\- because they want a miser like you to use your car more !!

Anonymous said...

This is perhaps the best movie review I have read.. It can't sound more neutral than this and still make a clear point of the theme!!..... What amazed me was the the entry song of Vijay. All my life, my mom used to tell me the best lyrics are written in tamil movie..... Now after hearing that song, I guess I can start doubting her!!.........Akhilesh

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@Arun: Its true that Vijay wants to enter politics.. But these kind of films will do no good is my opinion.

@Adwait: Me using 2-wheeler is more out of convenience rather than being a miser.

@ Akhilesh: Thanks for your comment. Keep visiting and commenting.