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"Watch"full week

Over the last week, good amount of time was spent on discussing about watches. It all started with the little fellow at home who wanted a digital watch. He had borrowed a digital watch from his friend and has been using it for couple of days. He got so enamored by the watch, that he wanted a watch of his own. That too, an exact replica of the watch he has taken from his friend.

The search to find a same watch turned difficult after the neighbourhood stores didn't have the watch of his like. This took us to Pondy Bazar and to our surprise we could not find "digital" watches which fitted the budget. The budget was a measly Rs200 at the maximum, knowing very well that the fad would worn out in no time after you buy it. There is no point in buying a costly watch. Finally we managed to locate a similar looking watch on the Pondy Bazar platform and sealed the issue.

Luckily I also got a watch from our Office recreation club as a New Year Gift. A fastrack watch with a big dial, exactly the one I was planning to buy. Saved me a good amount of money.

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