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Tamilnadu Police arrests JBJ Developer's Justin Devadoss

Coming close on the heels of his arrest in Bangalore (read here), Justin Devadoss of JBJ Developers was arrested again by the Chennai Police after hundreds of complaints have been lodged by the duped investors. The rumours are flying thick and fast that the amount of money swindled by this guy is not less than Rs1000 crores. It is true a mind-numbing figure but is it possible to do a fraud of this magnitude without political, governmental and police support. I really doubt it.

Going by the newspaper reports , particularly in the Tamil newspapers, the land buyers have been duped with forged registration documents. There have been instances where the agents of JBJ Developers have taken people for the "site visit" and robbed them of their valuables. This sounds cliched and not sure why the affected persons remained a mute victims.

The unfortunate thing is that this nexus between JBJ and the politicians, government officials will never come out, as this has been the case with earlier scamsters like Anubhav Foundations, Sneham Finance and Ramesh Cars.


adwait said...

Nothing to do with Rebecca, i hope ??

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@ Adwait: No, the poor lady is not involved in this...