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What to do when you are down?

When you are down, you dont have much to do at home rather than watching TV. You also get preferential treatment at home and you are not even expected to pick you plate after food. But its difficult to keep watching our TV Channels all day. So I decided to binge on books and movies.

I read "Swami and Friends" by RK Narayanan in one go. After 70 years it has been written, it is still intersting and enchants you, makes you long for a place like Malgudi. You have it to give to that man!! Next on my line was "The Financial Expert" but didn't finish that. Was tempted to watch an assortment of Hindi andTamil movies like Dostana, Wake up Sid, Ayan, Unnai Pol Oruvan. After this dosage of good cinema back to books again with Jeffery Archers "Sons of the Fortune". Almost complete now. In between you had the tri-series Cricket going on. Was fully engaged the whole last week! But back to office now????!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Venky,

Eagerly waiting for Asal film review.