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GST Road - too much buzz around that!!

I have not been deliberately writing about Real Estate for the last so many months and I am breaking my silence through this post.

I have been seeing too many advertisements/editorials/news coverage about the GST Road and its prospects over the last 2-3 weeks. There were detailed 4 page articles in Times Supplement about the GST Road and its developments. There was also an comparison between GST Road and OMR and as you would have guessed it was adjudged by the columnist that GST stands better chance of appreciation.

I dont deny the fact that GST Road has its own advantages but what worries me is the too much of news about that corridor. With the recent paid news coverage issue during the last Lok Sabha polls, I would not be surprised if these are paid coverage by the builders and promoters operating out of GST Road just to jack up the price and clear off the inventory.

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Anonymous said...


I also felt the same like lok sabha paid coverage.

Akshaya also giving big big ad in TV and newspaper.

So it looks like a collective effort from builders to make a boom for GST