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Sachin creates one-day cricket history!!

Sachin Tendulkar has created history by scoring the first double hundred in an One-day International match. I think it is stupendous achievement from the little master. It is very difficult to carry on for 50 overs maintaining a steady run rate. Hats off to him!!
Few poeple who read this would be surprised to see it coming from me. But I think I have been honest in my crticism of Sachin whenever required. So when the credit is due to him, I will give it whole-heartedly.

The unfortunate thing is that I could only follow the score in the office intranet and was not able to see even a single ball of the match. I am sure highlights would keep coming now and then and I will watch it one of the days.


Anand said...

Absolute gem of an innings ! he truly deserves the acolades he is getting for it.

It was bit tight at the end though, Dhoni was clearing the fence every ball and Sachin didn't get much strike in the last 4 overs.

Everyone remembers Saed Anwar as the prev highest scorer (194), but the trivia is Anwar's record was matched by 194 n.o by Zimbabwean player Charles Coventry against Ban in 2009. Not many wld know abt this innings.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Anand,
You managed to watch the match?? Thats great!!
As you wrote everybody remembers only Saed Anwar's record but dont know about Charles Coventry.. I have not heard this guy's name at all.
Good that now the record rests with Sachin!!
One of my friends wanted the highest runs in a Test innings should also go to Sachin shortly! Let his wish come true as well!!

Anand said...

I did manage to see the highlights.
The only person who can potentially break this new record is Schewag ! In one of the ODIs last year, he did reach 150 in 35th over.