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Real cost savings for Banks!!

Have you noticed in the last 3 months, all banks have replaced their quarterly/monthly account statements despatch format. Previously all banks used to send envelopes which contains the account statements along with some pamphlets for new products or services. Recently, the account statements have started coming in the form of inland letters which contains nothing more than the account statement.

From my experience, I can say whatever pamphlets which came along with the account statements went to the dustbin in 99% of the cases. You hardly bother to read or follow up with the bank. Guess one of the banks would have done detailed market study on the usefulness of these brochures. One process improvement guy in some organisation would have come up with this idea of inland letter and this has become an instant hit among other banks. The pity is that all banks have started copying it without any second thoughts. Sure the banks would be saving lot of money on printing, postage and courier/postal charges, which is need of the hour.

I think it is a welcome change and it is also a green initiative, saving lot of paper wastage. Lets welcome it whole-heartedly!!

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adwait said...

I agree ! What do you think about the sunday edition of the newspaper ? Should it be that bulky ??