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World Champions in Test Cricket?? Phew!!

Indian Cricket team displayed what it is really capable of.. succumbing to quality pace bowling by Dale Steyn and Mokel. The same pitch played true for Steyn and Morkel where our Indian bowlers could not get wickets at all.. its a pity!!

Though I think the Indian batsmen and the bowlers failed, the big share of blame should go to the bowlers. Lack of direction and strategy to contain and get wickets showed the Indian think-tank in poor light. Adding insult to injury is the statement from MS Dhoni that Harbhajan is a big match player and will come good. What can be a bigger match than this for him to come good. Harbhajan should be summarily dropped and we should experiment with newer spin bowlers.

The team for the next test has been announced and it looks comical. They have brought back Dinesh Karthick and Sreesanth dropping Wridhiman Saha. How does Dinesh Karthick add value to the line-up and he is anyways going to sit out. Lets see how the Indian team re-groups after this debacle and would they bounce back in the second test at Kolkata? I guess not.. we are a long way away from being the real no.1 team in Test Cricket.


Anonymous said...

Only saving grace was the masterful innings by the little master
He has proved once again that he is replaceable..,, and proved you wrong once again
Anonymous admirer of Sachin

adwait said...

Mr. Anonymous Vijay ! Please explain how Sachin got out ?? Plus how come his century never helps ???

The body langauge of Dhoni was also negative ! The defeat probably was necessary to get out of complacency !!

Anand said...

With this current bowling line up, we should never call ourselves no 1team. Apart from Zaheer, we lack class in our attack.

Harbhajan hasn't performed in the last couple of years. Only the Indian team would carry a player like that without any real performance.

There was a big hype by the media and also BCCI played its part when they got to no 1 rankings.

The irony is this series was arranged in the last couple of months just to keep the no 1 status which they never deserve to hold.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@Anonymous: (not sure if this Vijay!): I wish to be proved wrong again and again with Sachin but the saddest part is that most of the times his century never helps the team to wriggle out of the mess. Unfortunate and sad!! I would go with what Adwait said above.

@ Adwait: More than complacency it is more to do with inability to face the South African bowling.. Hope India catches up atleast in the second test.

@ Anand: Well said, India is the only team which carries players only on reputation.. there is bigger politics in Indian Cricket than anywhere.. Already there were reports of rift between Sehwag and Dhoni.. Kumudam (Tamil) magazine carried an article on the rift and the groupism in the team. Typical of Indians!!

adwait said...

Well my comment on Sachin was more of my attribute being an Argumentative Indian !! Sachin is a legend and whatever is said about him is not enough!! It takes a lot to be him.....