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Caligraphy on Chennai Autos

Have you ever noticed the style of writing the names on the Autos of Chennai? I have observed that many autos carry their names of their loved ones on the back black cover. But what makes it unique is the fact that the way it is being written. You will never be able to read at first glance the name as they are written in such a way that you find the English alphabets very different from how you are used to seeing it.

I have to always look at it more than once to understand. The alphabets are written in such a way that you have to tilt your head to read. Sometimes you have to stand upside down to read!! Ok, I am little exaggerating but I would strongly urge you to carefully look at autos henceforth to read the names written there, if you can!!


Anand said...

its been a while since ur last post.

wht happened ? Busy at work ?


Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Hi Anand,

Yeah.. true.. Kind off busy with the work. How r u? Hw is the situation in Ireland?

Anand said...

Situation in Ireland hasn't improved much. Economy is expected to stabilise in the 2nd qtr .. Hopefully it wld get better.