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Mushrooming mobile instrument companies

If you are watching the IPL, you would not have missed the advertisements from a bunch of mobile phone handset makers like Fly, Lava, Spice, Karbonn etc., They are produced by local Indian companies which is having very good time after Govt of India banned the Chinese mobiles without IMEI number. I was reading an article last week about these companies and few of them are selling about 5 lakh handsets every month. These mpbiles are very popular in rural India where there is real growth happening. It is nice to know that these local players have so far captured upto 5% of the market and giving the MNC players a run for their money. Good time for consumers as well.

But the moot point is what about the safety standards of these mobiles. Are they comparable to that of established brands? What kind of internal quality controls they have? I think these are important questions which needs to clarified by these players pro-actively. It is good that they are building their brand visibility but they should take some efforts to make their safety standards and quality controls more transparent. This would enable them to win more urban customers and establish themselves strongly in the market.

I would be happy to see any comments in this regard from people who have used these brands.

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