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Where is IPL probe going?

As expected, with so much of money around, IPL had its own villains. It seems BCCI was just waiting for the finals of IPL III to get over before suspending Lalit Modi from the post of Commissioner of IPL.

It all started with Shashi Tharoor episode and Lalit Modi thought he has the support of all the mighty and powerful and exposed Tharoor & Co., But unfortunately, Congress didn't take it lightly and used all their might in the form of Government of India to initiate simultaneous probes, searches and raids across IPL and its franchisees. Guess, Lalit Modi was hoping that the big man of cricket in India, SP would come to his aid and rescue him. But alas, Government knows everything happening and so he was cornered when the news of SP's son-in-law holding a stake in MSM. Even the PP was not spared and the Air India purported flight cancellation made him silent. So with all his supporters being silenced, then the GOI is going the whole hog to implicate him now.

Lalit Modi has met senior lawyers like Harish Salve and Ram Jethmalini yesterday to shape up his defence arguments. He has been given 15 days to reply to the five allegations of Shashank Manohar.

My opinion is that with Lalit Modi in the docks now, the IPL investigation will take a slow course and have a natural death over the next few years. In India it has always happened that way, enquiries and commissions are used to threaten/silence detractors rather than for real enquiry. As and when Lalit Modi tries to do something differently, then this commission would wake up from the hibernation and file a chargesheet. So I dont think this IT searches and probes on IPL and franchisees are not going to go anywhere. Things will continue as it is and we would soon be watching IPL IV forgetting about Lalit Modi and ownership structures of IPL franchisees. The stakes for the individuals are too high to let it go easily!!


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