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Ulagam Sutrum Valliban!!

Came back to India last week after spending 6 days in Malaysia and Singapore during the first week of May. Spent 3 days in Malaysia covering KL and Genting Highlands and 2 days in Singapore, with 1 day completely lost in travel and waiting at the airport!!

We went as part of a package tour organised by Surya Travels, T Nagar, Chennai. These are interesting places and you definitely need more time than 6 days to do complete justice of sight seeing. I will write a separate post on Malaysia and Singapore.

One thing I admired the most in both these countries is the quality of Tamil spoken by the natives of the country. Even after so many years being away from Tamilnadu, they speak very good Tamil and retain most of the cultural aspects.


Anand said...

Hope you had gud time. Its always gud to take time off from work and spend time on a holiday.

Genting shld be gud place to go !

I don't like going on a organised tour. I know it wld be cheaper to go on a organised tour. But, You can't spend time at your own leisuer and u can't go to places you like to go and also u r running from one place to another.
I prefer to go on my own and explore places ...

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

Yeah.. its right that you may even skip places.. but given the short leave I thought it would be best possible thing to do.