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Telephone Tapping Controversy - Is it a ploy to deflect attention and usher in change of head?

The recent telephone tapping controversy exposed by "Outlook" magazine has taken the country by storm. It ensured that the Parliament was disrupted for few days and the Opposition was demanding explanations from the Government. The Home Minister replies saying that tapping was never authorised but never said that was never tapped.

Coming to the main issue, the point I am trying to raise is "Has this telephone tapping expose orchestrated by the UPA government to deflect attention from burning issues the nation is facing? I have reasons to believe so.

1. First of all, this tapping was exposed by Outlook magazine, which is considered close to the Congress party. Outlook's editor, Vinod Mehta, openly agrees that he is a sympathiser of Congress. Therefore, I am really surprised to see that Outlook would have done an investigation and unearthed this illegal telephone tapping which puts the Congress Government in a spot of bother.

2. Secondly, Outlook is not that kind of magazine which is into full-fledged investigative journalism. I dont remember any other big expose by this magazine in the last so many years. This illegal tapping expose would have been passed on to Outlook by the top sources in the UPA government/Indian Intelligence with the intention to deflect the attention of the Opposition parties from critical issues like raising inflation, Spectrum scam, Maoist violence, IPL controversy to name a few.

3. It is possible that the Congress wants Manmohan Singh to leave and with these kind of issues hanging fire, Dr Manmohan Singh may resign owning moral responsibility. The Union Home Minister claims that nobody has been authorised to tap phone conversations but still the Intelligence units goes on tapping phone calls means that Dr Singh is not in control over the affairs. This may once again put in a spot of bother and considering his background and pedigree he may offer to quit.

4. With the Spectrum Scam becoming bigger and bigger and with evidence of malpractice and favourtism becoming clear, there may be vested interests which wants the issue to be put on the back burner. There were claims of Government losing many thousands of crores on the 2G spectrum auction and PIL's have been filed against the Government. The opposition has been crying hoarse about this and to keep them off this issue, telephone tapping is a very good excuse.

5. With the expose that Sharad Pawar's calls have been tapped, it can send an indirect message to the NCP camp from the UPA that we know what all you have been doing, particularly with regard to the IPL scam. So please keep your mouth shut and stay with us.

Therefore, I believe telephone tapping expose is well orchestrated expose set-up by the official machinery with the blessings of the top most people in and out of the Government to deflect attention of the opposition parties from the pressing national issues.

Long live Indian Democracy and Journalism!!! Jai Hind!!!


adwait said...

I believe that there so many issues in our country that the shelf life of controversies is small and before we know we moved to something else !! This is the reason that we never get to the bottom of things !

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