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On a busy Wednesday, the Tamilnadu Police, gets information that "contraband" items are freely being sold in a market locality in Anna Nagar area. The Police gets their "instructions" from the "top boss" to deal strictly with the free flow of "contraband" items in the heart of City. So the Police Commissioner, Law and Order, Chennai decides to form a crack team immediately to track down the criminals involved in this activity and to capture the "contraband" which is causing agony and pain to "righteous citizens".

He forms a crack team of 2 Deputy Commissioners, 6 Assistant Commissioners, 20 Inspectors, 12 Sub-Inspectors and 100 constables(am not exaggerating here!). They create a detailed plan of how to capture the "contraband" by spending hours disuccsing on the logistics of the operation as it is a "top-secret" operation happening in the heart of the Chennai City.

They decide that they will split into two groups, each led by a Deputy Commissioner and swoop on the identified locality from both the directions. By following this strategic multi-pronged "swoop and capture" plan, the people involved in this activity would not be able to escape as well the "contraband" would be captured. The Policemen were given powers to even "shoot at sight" if there is resistance during the operation. The team consisted of motivated personnel and the entire operation was considered as next important thing for the Tamilnadu Police after the capture of forest brigand, Veerapan. The prestige of the TN Police was at stake and the crack team started the operation exactly around noon.

The crack team reached the identified spot and was surprised to find that the area has been already "vacated" by the "criminals" . There was no sign of human activity but TN Police was of a different calibre that they dont get bogged down. They employ "innovative and people friendly" strategies to make the people come out in the open and follow the Police diktat, After hours of interrogation and detailed search in the premises, Police return to their bases empty handed as no "contraband" item was found in the locality. The Police team used the latest technology like "sniffer dogs" in identifying the "contraband" but alas, they couldn't.

It was a wasted effort by the Police team but the Deputy Commissioner who lead the operation felt that they would be able to apprehend the "accused" in the near future. This goes on to show the committment and dedication of the Tamilnadu Police Force, which is considered superior even to Scotland Yard in gathering information and apprehending the culprits. The public were totally "impressed" about the whole episode and whole-heartedly supported the "movement".

PS: Few terms used in the above paragraphs needs to be explained so that the efforts and dedication of the Tamilnadu Police would be understood clearly:

"Contraband" - The pirated DVD's of the latest Red Giant Movie Production House "Madrasapattinam"

"Righteous citizens" - Mr Udayanidhi Stalin and Mr Agoram, the producers of "Madrasapattinam"

"Top-Secret" - Before the Police team could go there, the information has already reached the people engaged in the DVD business. That is how secrets are maintained in TN Police!

"Vacated" - The shops which sold DVD's in Anna Nagar got a whiff of this and they just locked and went way from the place, leaving the Police search team high and dry.

"Criminals" - People who sell pirated DVD's

"Innovative and People-friendly" strategies - The Police team who went there didn't come back seeing that the shops were closed. They used their innovative ideas by sealing 3 shops which were already locked and also employed tactics like coercing people if they dont turn up to open the stores, they would break open the locks and do the search.

"Impressed" - Need to tell what impressed the Public, the disappearance of all the pirated DVD's!!

"Supported the Movement" - Public supports the "DVD" movement.

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