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When I will watch these films?

The recent release of Tamil films have got positive reviews and and I want to see all of them.

First to start with, "Kalavaani" is a movie which is a big hit. The reviews have been very positive and even "Ananda Vikatan" has given 46 out of 100. The film has Vimal of Pasanga fame as the hero and it seems that it is a welcome change from the "madurai" mileu the Tamil film industry has been over-exposed over the last 2 years.

Then I have got "Madrasapattinam" starring Arya and Amy Wilkinson. It is a period movie and has again got good reviews from all the critics.

Oh God, I am yet to see "Raavanan" as well. I want to see Vikram and cant give it a miss.

When I am going to get time for all these movies? Weekends comes "pre-loaded" and not sure how long these movies are going to run in the theatres. Raavanan is declared a "flop" so may not run for long. "Kalavaani" is running successfully but due to upcoming movies of big producers, theatre owners are being forced to remove this movie and screen their new releases.


Anonymous said...

Its good facelift to your blog. I would suggest to update the background that would reflect your personality and the color of the main content area from blue to some color that will be elegant and blend with the background. The font style and size looks neat with 508 compliance(lol!!). The slideshow frame can be a little bit bigger to provide more appeal as there is real estate for it .You can also move up the sitemeter bar to catch the attention of the readers and so is the google search bar.You can add times from different time zones like local time , NY , LON AND JAPAN .

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@ Anonymous: Thanks for the detailed comment. Has moved the site meter and google search bar. Will check out for the time zones widget to add.

Regarding the change in the background colour, I am not sure what do you mean..can you please explain.