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I had a makeover!!

That is, blog had a makeover!! It has been long time since I did any changes to the blog layout and design. May be, for more than a year now. Blogger has been making available lot of new tools and design templates, but I was very lazy to look at it and adapt it to the blog. Today when I opened the blog, I saw the pop-ups from the blogger telling me about the new templates and instinctively I picked one, which has a high element of sky blue. I love this colour "sky blue" and for you to know that at one point had almost all my formal shirts in this colour. You can now imagine the fondness of this colour to me. It is a different story that it lead to domestic troubles!! I still carry a soft corner for this colour and tend to pick clothes which has shades of blue.

In addition to the change in the layout, I have also added a "Reactions" button where the reader can mark his reaction to the post like "WOW/Okay/Boring". I would rather prefer something like "Very Useful/Informative/Useless". But let me start with what is available readily.

Hope you enjoy the new layout and it is easy on the eyes as well. Please post your comments and mark your reactions to the post.

PS: You can mark reactions even to the old post, so please go ahead and trash all my past posts as well!!


adwait said...

The new looks looks very good !!

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@ Adwait: Thanks!! Keep visiting..