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What kind of buyer you are?

I was told few days back that I always have a "list of things to buy" at any point of time but would never decide soon and buy. Who can pass a comment like that other than the better half! I agree that I maintain a virtual list to things which I would love to buy. Though I have a list of things to buy and many of them are affordable, I always deliberate a lot before I buy anything. Sometimes delaying the purchase is useful so that I can avoid wasteful expenditure but many a times it spoils the mood of the people around, particularly when I take days to decide on something. Even now, I carry a little lengthy buying list consisting of a cycle ( needs a separate story!), bike, desktop, car, centrepiece, personal wardrobe, car upholstery, paint work for the house and etc., Many out of the above list are easily affordable but I have never been an impulsive buyer.

I have seen people deciding and buying things in a jiffy. On the contrary I tend to live through the buying decision in my mind before I actually purchase. The advantage is, when I imagine about the product and its usage, I tend to get a better understanding of its utility value and my ability to use. This process naturally takes longer time for me to be completed before I get moving to the next stage of actual purchase. It is more of somebody's nature which determines their buying habits but in my opinion it can be fine-tuned, as in my case. In my earlier days, I have remained an impulsive buyer and over a period of time I have moved away from that. Is it more to do with the increasing age? May be!

What kind of buyer you are? Impulsive or a patient buyer like me.


Raguraman said...

Boss, it is called procrastination.

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@Raguraman: May be, because the process is not deliberate from my end, I cant say definitely if it is procrastination!