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Kalavaani - the rural entertainer!

Finally managed to watch the movie Kalavaani. It turned out to be an interesting fare set in the rural mileu of Tanjavur. The hero who lives on his father's Dubai earnings, is a happy go lucky guy. He is happy if he gets a couple of hundred rupee notes to have his drink with his friends. He resorts to pressure tactics of threatening to break the TV or something else in the house, which is a very good adaptation from the practical life. I have heard/seen it happen in many houses. The mother, (Saranya) is blinded by his love for her son and toes his line without giving a fight and hides everything from his Father. Meanwhile, the boy gets into a love affair and marries a girl as well after a considerable amount of wooing. In the climax, the boy changes track and becomes responsible to earn his livelihood, like his father, in Dubai! It is not a game changing story line but once again the way it has been told and true to life rural background adds lot of interest for the viewers. All aspects of the film like photography, editing and direction are good. Music is least intrusive and one song catches your attention.

The dialogues at the begining of the film are very difficult to follow and the director could have taken some effort in this regard. Secondly, most of the scenes where the hero and the heroine meet are during her cycle trip to school. Over the course of the film, this background and set up becomes too familiar and the director could have thought differently.

Vimal (of Pasanga fame) is the hero and can't get the name of the heroine. Vimal has once again proved that his "koothu pattarai" theatre experience helps him to come out as a successful actor.

Watchable film!


Kalyan said...

The heroine name is OVIYAA

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@Kalyan: Thanks!