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CWG, Betting and Pakistan floods

All the three topics shows once again how inept we are in handling big ticket events and our below average diplomatic skills.

India, hosting the CWG games in Oct 2010, is in a precarious position with many venues not even fully ready. We are 25 days away from the games and still trying to clear the debris from the project sites! That shows the level of preparation we are in! It goes to show our committment to the games and reflects very badly on the ability of the Government to manage events of this magnitude. We had many years not months, to prepare for the games but the Government never bothered to find the real state of progress. Neither the media! The media started highlighting the deficiencies only couple of months back whereas they could have started following on the progress atleast a year or so ago. If the Government had been serious in getting a good job done, they could have given EPC type contracts to private players who would have done a better job. Now with the unabating rains in Delhi we are facing a bleak possibility of completing everything on time. Loss of face and pride for India and the Indians!

The betting scandal involving Pakistan cricketers is being very intelligently given an Indian angle just because Mr Pawar happens to be the ICC president. The Pak High Commissioner to UK openly accuses ICC that players were suspended after Pawar spoke to Haroon Lorgat. Otherwise these innocent (!) Pak cricketers would not have been suspended by ICC. This in my opinion nothing but a very manipulative tactic by Pakistan. After accepting money from the bookie and the money being recovered from the captain himself, it is absolutely fair to suspend the players till the inquiry is completed. Then why the hell did Shahid Afridi say sorry and Yasser Hameed (Pakistan cricketers) has to contend that all Pakistan matches are fixed. Where did the Indian bias comes from? What I dislike the most is the fact that the way the Pak political establishment wants to bring in India for all it woes and the way they audaciously comment about Indian prejudice. Why do we have to remain silent? Silence is not golden in these circumstances.

The floods in Pakistan and the amount of suffering people undergo is pathetic. So as a dutiful neighbour India offers humanitarian assistance and Pakistan rejects it outright. The reason being India's Kashmir policy! Ok that's fine if you don't want, just leave it. But we go around trying to cajole Pakistan to accept the aid and it puts in conditions. Pakistan will take the Indian aid only if it comes from an International body like UN. What the heck is this? This is a pure act of trying to whip up the passion and show some cheap solidarity for a unjust cause. Our tactless Govt increases the aid amount and routes the aid through UN. We are next door neighbours and our help can reach immediately but they want the aid to go to some other country and come to Pakistan only after few weeks. If they are not interested in taking anything from us let's keep quiet. We should lose our self respect for helping those who can't value it properly.

I as an Indian in all three above cases feel very shameful and impotent. When we are going to change for the good? It's hightime we make the Suresh Kalmadi's and SM Krishna's responsible for whatever they do or they don't do. This country is going to dogs and can be never salvaged, otherwise.


Suresh Iyer said... is very apparent that you feel very stongly about all the three topics.:-))

Venkat Muthukrishnan said...

@Suresh: Can't help it! At times it gets on to your nerves!

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